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Hi! I’m Justine! Wife to Mike (my best friend, editor, and human selfie stick), mom to four little cuties (official models and taste testers), lover of Diet Coke and chocolate cake, nerdy game and nap time enthusiast, avid DIYer and baker, fan of using too many commas, wanna-be running rockstar, and supermom in training.

When I’m not jetting around righting wrongs (I am a timeout master) and vanquishing foes (rogue spiders are no match for me), I am the creator, writer, crafter, baker, and photographer at Little Dove, a place where I share everything that helps make our house our home.

The term little dove comes from the meaning behind one of my children’s names¬†and I could think of no better name for my blog because my family is the inspiration¬†behind everything I do! So get comfy, open up a Diet Coke, and stay awhile. Also, if you’re a fan of unique and custom cuteness, check out my online shop!

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