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September month in numbers review

september in numbers

  Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I can’t believe that it’s already October. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was recapping our cruise, or going to Vegas for our 10 year anniversary. Yet here we are, September is done and we only have a few months left of the year. The first Monday […]

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Fall Family photos, peacock blue and mustard, river location

fall family photos, version 6.5

Last week we were able to go and get some quick family photos taken by a very talented friend of ours, Darcie. This was actually the first time we’ve had professional photos taken that weren’t at an indoor portrait studio and it was great.  This post is part of a collaboration with PinkBlush. All opinions […]

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Cuddl duds tired momma

thoughts of a tired momma

    Working moms, stay at home moms, moms to be, whatever your “official title” is I think that we can all relate to the exhaustion that comes with motherhood. There is no other job quite like it and lately that tiredness has reached a whole new level for me. So today I wanted to […]

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road trip packing tips

road trip packing tips

  Well, we’ve been home from out family road trip for about a week and a half now and we’re all still trying to recover. I’m trying to get back into the blogging groove and the kids are adjusting to their new school year routines. I’m also still marveling over how well most things on the […]

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Month in numbers, August

august in numbers

  Well, I’m home from my epic family road trip (you can check it all out over on Instagram) and trying to adjust back to “normal” life, whatever that is. Momming, schooling, cleaning, cooking, blogging… it’s been nice to get back into our routine a little bit but coming off from a vacation high is […]

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