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Justine Young lifestyle and mom blogger shares some advice on why self care is important for better care with Kleenex.

self care for better care with kleenex

  Well, the holiday season is coming to a close but cold and flu season will still be around for a while. Did you know that sometimes it can last until May?! I always try to guard my family and myself against germs, but especially so when I’m pregnant. This will be my second flu season baby […]

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Momlife, PROcure

momlife is tough, but so are you

    Momlife is tough. All growing up I was active in sports–from swimming to running to rowing. Over the years I endured countless cuts and scrapes, bumps and bruises, not to mention of diagnosis of patellafemoral syndrome in college. I realize now that I’m older that I haven’t always treated my body with the […]

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4 ways to take better care of your skin, before and after with Rodan & Fields

4 ways to take better care of your skin

I will be turning 32 this year, which I don’t think is old at all. However, my skin tells a different story. Years of neglect when I was younger combined with my tendency to put myself last since having children has really done damage to my skin. The past couple of years I have been more diligent […]

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What happens when you run on empty

what happens when you run on empty

Here we are a week into the new year and I basically have one “New Years resolution” that I’m trying desperately to stick to–to take better care of myself. With my Simplifying the Season series at the end of last year I pushed myself to stop pushing myself. I tried to take a step back […]

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